Odessa High School
Class of 1959
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Updated 09/12/2009


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Click to enlarge Sandra (Miller) Ulbrich
c/o Sandra Miller
4509 Anetta
Midland TX 79703-6905 
(h) (432) 520-4503 
(c) (432) 638-2235
Click to enlarge I am single. I have been a widow since 2004. I have two children; My daughter, Connie Akins (Miller) is married and has three children. My son, Gary Miller has two sons - Billy & Gage. Connie has two daughters & a son. Connie lives in Enterprise, Alabama. My oldest granddaughter(Alyssa) graduated from College this past May (she is 22). My grandson (Trey) graduated from HigH School this past May and is now in his first year of College (18 yrs. old).. My middle granddaughter(Klyie) is in her 3rd year of college (20 yrs.old) My other two grandsons - oldest one(Billy) is in 3rd year of college & Gage is in his Junior year of High School. I am so proud of all of them. The last two live here in Midland, Texas. I have two cute cats. Their names are Sammie & Socks. I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. I have been a Mary Kay Consultant for the past few years. Update 09/12/09.