Odessa High School
Class of 1959
Reunion Page
Updated 07/10/99



Who attended the reunion ?
This is your Life!
Master of Ceremonies: Jim Gilliland
Directories and coffee cups available while supplies last

These classmates attended the reunion. Where were you?

Autry, Bill/Barbara
Babcock, Don/Caron Sue
Balch, Judy G.
Baldwin, Harold/Nita
Beene, Charles
Bell, J. Stephen/Marion
Birdsong, James/Gail
Black, Nancie/Ken
Brown, Charles R./Linda
Brownlee, Don/Pat
Bryant, James/Suellis
Buchanan, Cliff & Carol (Steele) Dawn (former wife)
Cain, Judith Singleton
Campbell, Stanley/Barbara
Carrigan, Charles/Loraine
Chesshir, Garland/Sandra
Clements, Ray/Judy (Wilhelm)
Coombs, Malcolm
Cooper, Jerry L.
Cryer, Don/ Joy Davisson
Davisson, Larry/Carol
Doyal, Patricia S.
Drennan, Larry W.
Driggers, Max
Dunn, Eddie/Marilyn
Edgin, Jerry A.
Ellison, Ben/Ann
Ethridge, Linda Hall
Filler, Jack/Pam (Class of '57)
Flowers, Jenola Johnson
Foreman, Hughla
Gibson, Randy/Audry
Gilliland, Jimmy/Linda
Goodpasture, Tommy/Gwen
Goodwin, Ronald/Sharon
Gray, Jerry/Brenda M.
Greenlee, Frank/Joyce
Hailes, Marcella
Hamilton, J. J.
Hampton, Therona N.
Harris, David
Harris, Jerry/Carla
Hart Roy/Marita (Hammond)
Harvill, Ray/Doris J.
Hext, Bill/Jane
Hill, William/Mary Ann
Hitt, Norman/Lou Ann
Holladay, E. N. and Esther Woodall
Holland, Tom
Horton, Carol
Houston, Carolyn
Hubbard, Gary/Sue J.
Hudgins, Betsy L.
Kevil, Wilber/Barbara
Keys, Jerry/Sandra T.
Kimbrell, Johnnie/Deanne
Kimbrow, John/Mabel
Kindel, Mel/Marilyn Wall
King, Jerry/Kathleen
King, Paul/Roberta
Kitchens, Don/Alma
Koonce, Carmon (Pruett)
Krapf, Joe W./Virginia
Lawler, Don/Mary A.
Lopez, Gerald/Patricia
Love, Dwight/Donna
Lyne, Rhonda (Murchison)
Maxwell, Sandra (Trippett) / Perry
Mayer, Janice Janke
McMillan, Milton/Glenda
Melton, J'Nevelyn
Miller, Sandra
Monroe, Leonard/Sue
Moore, L. A. "Butch"
Moore, Scott/Doris Jane (Sewell)
Morton, Harvey E./ Martralle
Muth, John/Mary Harrison
Nail, Charles/Brenda
Nelson, Keith/Priscilla
Nelson, Jerri Lewis
Norman, Linda
Olivier, John/Aggie
Ormand, Jerry/Terry
Overley, David/Charlotte
Parker, Lynn/Sandra
Perry, James K.
Pipkin, James/Phyllis
Porter, Tim/Betty
Rhoads, DeWain/Sharon
Roberts, Robert/Dorothy
Rogers, Fred
Rucker, Thomas Brandon
Rutherford, Jerry/Fay
Seymour, Linda M.
Shera, Janice (Holloway)
Sieman, Mary Ellen H.
Slaughter, Richard
Snow, Robin Hood
Sowell, David/Claudia
Stephens, Ronald/Marjorie
Stephenson, JW/Sharon
Stewart, Linda G. (Shaffer)
Stewart, Marlee M.
Stiles, Patsy
Stringer, J. B./Janice
Stull, R. L. "Pete"
Swan, Doyle/Sue White
Tarrant, Mike
Thompson, Tom & Kathy Wolfe
Thornton, Marjorie
Valla, Ken/Suzanne
Walton, Ron & Judy (Bethel)
Veteo, Jeanne Henderson
Wicks, Sharon K.
Witt, Steve/Dorothy W.
White, Buddy/Judy
White, George/Marlene
Whiteley, Sandy/Diane
Wood, James/Mary
Zea, Carol A. Spence

OHS '59 Sun Catcher
by Nita (Glenn) Baldwin of Nita'a Stained Glass

Cost: $30

Includes shipping. Contact Nita at:
PO Box 12836
Odessa TX 79768-2836


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A donation of $10 will get you a directory or an OHS coffee mug. A $15 donation will get you both. This includes postage. Please order now while supplies last. Please… only one to a classmate. We have 19 mugs and 28 directories at this time. Please make checks to and order from:

Larry Davission
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Odessa TX 79761


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Email Cliff for more information.