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Ector Theater
Updated 05/11/2002



This page will show the monthly schedule of movies at the Ector Theater each month. Please support this project. The reunion committee is planning to include an activity here at our 45th reunion.

The Ector Theatre is an Historic Theatre who began it’s life in 1951. The doors were closed in 1985 but have now reopened and is restored with many of the original features. The theatre will not only show Classic movies, but will also have live entertainment featuring the house band putting on a “Branson Style” show starting in March of 2002. Their schedule will be 4 week-ends of entertainment every other month. The theatre will also be available for hosting high school reunions, family reunions and special events. Call 432-337-9595 for more information or vilite our web site at 







Reasonable prices and tasty popcorn from the old style boxes!


Times are 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday / 3:00 pm on Sunday
Tickets are 4.50 adults, $2.50 12 yrs and under
Call 432-337-9595 for tickets and information
Come early Friday and Saturday nights for our Pre-Show Entertainment
Starting at 7:00 pm     Showtime 7:30 pm

Movie Date Year Description
American Graffiti 05/03


Richard Dreyfuss. Ron Howard. This film from director George Lucas is one of the most popular films of the “70’s”. The mis-adventures of four California teenagers on one late summer night in 1962 becomes the focal point for an audience’s trip back to the last “innocent” year of the “50’s” and early “60’s”.
Them 05/10
James Whitmore. When a six-year-old girl is found wandering in the New Mexico desert, Police Sergeant Ben Peterson discovers a trail of death, destruction and a giant Insect footprint. With help from FBI Agent Graham, scientist Dr. Medford, and the doctor's daughter Patricia, Peterson locates the beasts. With Bazookas, cyanide gas and machine guns, the nest is thought to be destroyed. Will the human race survive?
Fort Apache 05/17
Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Shirley Temple. Sent from Washington to take command of Fort Apache, Lt. Colonel Owen Thursday is a bitter man, determined to win a glorious victory over the Indians. The men of the fort, Including captains York and Collingwood, resent Thursdays arrogant and Ignorant ways. Because he betrays the trust of Apache Chief Cochise, Thursday and his men are fatally ambushed. York, the only survivor, decides to cover-op his Commander’s Incompetence to honor the memory of his fallen friends.
A Night at the Opera 05/24
The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont. To further the career and love life of a promising young Italian tenor, the Marx Brothers embark on a campaign which sets opera back a hundred years. Considered to be one of their best films, the boys have a great time poking fun at grand opera and its pretensions as personified by wealthy dowager Mrs. Claypool.
Jaws 05/31
Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss. There has never been a movie or a phenomenon like JAWS, the terrifying #1 best seller and one of the most popular films of all times. JAWS continues to shock moviegoers with It's riveting tale of three men who become allied in a life-and-death hunt to destroy a killer embodying nearly three tons of instant white death.



Times are 7:30 pm Friday and 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm Saturday
Tickets are 4.50 adults, $2.50 12 yrs and under
Call 432-337-9595 for tickets and information
Come early Friday and Saturday nights for our Pre-Show Entertainment
Starting at 7:00 pm     Showtime 7:30 pm

Movie Date Year Description
Around the World
 in 80 Days
1956 Color: Phileas Fogg bets his fellow club members that he can circle the globe in eighty days. That may not be impressive today, but in 1872, it was nearly impossible. Accompanied by his valet, Passepartout and his wandering Princess Aouda, Fogg crosses Europe, India, Japan, the Pacific and the United State.. This rich and authentic film is the winner of five Academy Awards for Best Picture. Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Screenplay and Best Editing.
Beetlejuice 04/12
1988 Color: Beetlejuice, the netherworld’s “freelance bio-exorcist is being sought out by a recently deceased Vermont couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland. who need help ridding their beloved home of the trendy new homeowners Delia and Charles Deetz. Unfortunately, the jaded New Yorkers are delighted to have a real haunted house. Beetlejulce won an Academy Award for Best Make Up.

Ben Hur

1925 B/W: The most spectacular of all silent films, Ben-Hur tells the story of the Prince of Jerusalem, Ben-Hur, and his former childhood-friend turned bitter enemy. Messala. The grandiose chariot scene and naval battle were unequaled in their day. Starring as Ben-Hur, Ramon Navarro gives the performance of this career.
Rocky 04/19
1976 Color: In 1976, when Rocky, a low-budget film with an unknown actor named Sylvester Stallone, won the Academy Award for Best Picture, It was as emotional a finale as the film Itself. A two-bit boxer gets second chance in life by being offered an impossible shot at the heavyweight title. The story of how Rocky goes the distance Is one of the warmest, most exciting, and stirring movies of all times.
A Streetcar 
Named Desire
1952 B/W: A compelling story about a deeply neurotic Southern bell, Blanche DuBois. Devastated by the loss of her family estate, she leaves her hometown for New Orleans to live with her sister Stella, and her brother-in-law Stanley Kowalski. The brutal working-class Stanley is angered by her genteel pretensions. When he forces the delicate Blanche to reveal her shameful past, she suffers a complete mental collapse. Winner of five Academy Awards for Best Actress to Vivien Leigh, Best Supporting Actor to Marlon Brando, Best Supporting Actress to Kim Hunter, Best Art Direction and Best Set Direction.



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